Relief materials support to fire victims

The fire incident in southern plain of Nepal is common during the month of March -May causing impact to lives and property of poor families sheltering in thatched made houses. On dated 6th April, 2023 there was a fire incident in the squatter areas of Kanepokhari Rural Municipality, one of the core working area of Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and its partner Lutheran Community Welfare Society (LCWS). The incident was occurred through electric shot circuit in one home which spread to the next because of congested settlement of the squatter area.

In front of my eye, I kept seeing my home covered with sparkles of fire and I couldn’t do anything just carried a bucket of water and in rush started running here and there. After few minutes, fire brigade arrived and started watering my house which helped me to calm for few minutes. Even though my house turned into ash, leaving no any memories. But I thank God because my entire family members remain safe” says Ms. Radha Hembram (Santhal) the owner of the shelter damaged.


‘My child lost the school uniform and books, I was in water collection point at that time, my children were crying and I rushed towards my house, and the fire was so scary, I could not enter due to the smoke to save my household belongings, Ms. Fulan Karmakar (Dalit), owner of another house briefed the incident. Thank you so much LCWS and LWF for this support of kitchen utensils and food items, now we can manage the food for our children’, she adds.


Household belongings of two poor families are completely lost due to the fire. The LCWS in collaboration with local communities immediately reached to the family and provided immediate relief items to the families. In total 50 kg of rice, 4 kg of lentils, 2 kg of salt, 2 liter of oil, 16 packets of soaps, 2 set of blankets, 2 sets of utensils, and 10 kg of different vegetables have been distributed for the affected families.

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